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The Importance of PCB Prototyping

In the world of manufacturing, creating the first one of anything is a big and important step. This part is commonly referred to as prototyping, and it will always be a companion of manufacturing. In the world of printed circuit boards or PCBs, it is no different. When a new piece of hardware is designed that requires a PCB, then, PCB manufacturers will also need to work on a prototype. Building the first PCB is just the beginning. After creating it, the most likely scenario is that it will continue to need refinements until the right PCB is made. There are basically five steps involved in PCB manufacturing:

The Following are the Benefits of PCB Prototyping

  • Once they have the physical PCB at hand, they will be able to integrate it with the application it was designed for.
  • After it is integrated with the application, they can take a closer look at any quirks or shortcomings.
  • Along with performance issues, the physical discrepancies can also be dealt with.
  • During the testing stage; the manufacturer will also be able to test user input.
  • Last but not least; the prototype test is done to make sure it meets design specs.

Finding the Best PCB Fabrication Company

1. Economies of Scale. Whether it is many small orders or one large order, achieving economies of scale is important, to remain efficient and profitable and one of the best ways to find the best PCB fabrication company. The first step towards achieving this will be to have a “smart platform” or a software-based platform. A good software platform allows the manufacturer to control the whole process efficiently, from start to finish.

2. Quantity Levels. A great advantage of achieving economies of scale is that the manufacturer is no longer a slave of minimum quantity levels. Whether it is a few units or thousands, the company can produce only what the customer needs. Imagineering Inc. understands this and will make only the amount the customer needs.

3. Pricing & Availability. In the “good old days,” it could take customer weeks to get a price quote, if at all. With modern, online pricing methods, this is no longer the case. In fact, customers will be able to get instant pricing once they upload the requirements. This applies to any foreseeable increase in orders.

4. Tracking Progress. One of the benefits of online portals such as cloud computing is that the manufacturer can allow the customer to see progress being made, in real time. From making design modifications to reporting on results; it all can be done with a click of a mouse on the customer’s end.

5. All-in-One Capability. Having to deal with different vendors to deal with distinct aspects of manufacturing, can be a real headache. A company such as Imagineering Inc. is capable of handling projects from start to finish. For OEMs looking forward to streamlining their production process, dealing with a company such as Imagineering is a real game changer.

Choose Wisely, Choose Imagineering Inc.

When the time comes down to brass tacks, finding the right company from the outset will save the customer a lot of time and money. From fabrication to assembly, Imagineering can offer smaller quantities in just five to six days and prototyping in one day. As an AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified company with over 18 years of experience in the Electronics Contract Manufacturing business, Imagineering can take the anxiety out of PCB manufacturing and Assembly. The procurement managers will be thankful for that.

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