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Fabrication Capabilities

Choose the experts for bare board fabrication and circuit board manufacturing. Imagineering offers quick turnarounds, same-day prototypes and production in 5-7 days for multi-layer rigid and flex PCB fabrication. With our domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities, you’ll receive aerospace quality at standard prices.

Our fabrication capabilities include up to 50 layers, hole sizes down to 8 mil. plated and 5 mil. laser drilled, 2/1.5 mil. line width and spacing, 16 oz. copper and a maximum PCB thickness up to .300″.

Imagineering offers small volume production in 5-6 days and medium-to-large volume production in 2-3 weeks.

Imagineering technology roadmap

Technology Roadmap

See our technology roadmap for the specifications you need to know for fabrication.

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materials for circuit board projects

Materials Available

Choose from a wide range of materials for next circuit board projects.

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Utilize smaller components and enable higher wiring density per unit area with HDIs.

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PCB tolerance guidelines


Use our tolerance guidelines to ensure the best results for your printed circuit boards.

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Imagineering’s industry leading certifications


Stay assured of quality with Imagineering’s industry-leading certifications.

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