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PCB Assembly tolerances

Adhere to our tolerance assembly guidelines to ensure the best results during the assembly of your printed circuit boards. They provide enough variation for us to assemble your board – and for it to work properly in your application.

Supported PC Board Specs:

  • Min size: 1.967 in. X 1.967 in.
  • Max size: 19.67 in. X 19.67 in.
  • Min thickness: 4 mil
  • Max thickness: 240 mil
  • Layer Count: Up to 24
  • Finishes: HASL, ENIG, Silver, SMOBC/HAL,
    All Finishes acceptable
  • Markings: Silkscreen, Solder Mask (preferred)…not required on PCB, assembly drawings can work as a replacement to silk screen
  • Material: Rigid, Rogers 4000, Flex, Rigid Flex, Metal Clad, Other
  • Copper Thickness: < 2 oz.
    Call for other options
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