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HDI – High Density Interconnects


Make the most of smaller components.

Utilize HDIs (high density interconnection) for a higher wiring density per unit area. They’re ideal for using smaller, future-driven components on a wide scale. They offer faster signal transmission and a significant reduction in signal loss and crossing delays – and are ideal for shrinking down the PCB size.

We use a plate-shut process which ensures more reliability for micro via processes as opposed to a process filled with non-conductive ink and then plating over. Our micro via formation technology uses lasers to drill micro vias, also called blind via-holes (BVHs). With the ability to place on or off the pads, these holes let you selectively create routing room in denser parts of the substrate.

The benefits of HDIs.

  • Increase electrical performance: The smaller parts used on HDI boards have shorter internal wire lengths. This provides reduced rise times and lower power requirements when compared to their larger, alternative packages.
  • Reduce PCB size. HDIs create a gateway to miniaturization of PCB design with ‘via in pad’ technology.
  • Improve reliability by stepping up technology rather than compromising existing design rules.
  • Gain design choices when it comes to BGA layout with the smallest pitch.
  • Increase thermal enhancement.
  • Increase interconnection density by reducing plated thru holes, pad size and conductor size.