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Imagineering Expands Production in U.S.

By February 18, 2017March 25th, 2019Company News

For 26 years, Imagineering has developed its business by following a customer-demand-driven model which has provided consistent 15% year-on-year growth. In its latest endeavor, the company is expanding its value-added PCB supplier business to offer quick-turn, small-volume PCB assembly services to their customers. The company is bringing this manufacturing expansion back home to the U.S.

“The facility that is currently being built will be state-of-the-art,and three times the size of our existing manufacturing facility,” said Khurrum Dhanji, COO, acknowledging that Imagineering made the move to offer a limited level of assembly services to select customers a few years ago. “This is the next logical step based both on what we are seeing in terms of customer demand, as well as what we have observed as a real need for this type of QTA, smaller volume service in North American manufacturing. There is an opportunity here, and we have been asked to help fill it.”

Dhanji extolls the virtue of their custom software solutions as contributing significantly to their manufacturing edge. “We are the quintessential model–a modern, lean business that is driven by software. Having high-level programming talent in house has allowed us to offer some truly unique and cutting edge things to the marketplace. Several months ago, we rolled out a complete on-line EMS quoting tool where the purchaser can upload their BOM, have all of the components and lead time information checked out immediately, and can receive a full turnkey quote in minutes. This is truly a revolutionary departure from waiting weeks to verify components and receive a quote.”

He continued, “We’ve done it again with regard to our assembly services offering. It’s all about the wait time which, of course, translates directly to cost. Our assembly equipment, armed with our software, is able to program jobs more quickly and load components more efficiently thereby decreasing manufacturing turn-around time. Furthermore, the software has created less down time between jobs. The next job is programmed and the components are loaded as the existing job is being completed, again speaking directly to a cost savings through decreased manufacturing down time. We feel we this is a significant and measurable improvement for the world of quick-turn assembly.”

CEO Parvin Dhanji explained that her company has always followed a very strict, customer-driven growth model, and it has served them well.

“We are over 2,500 customers strong, and it is our customers who have continuously led the way to Imagineering’s evolution. We have them to thank for our continuous successes, even when the market has indicated that it should be otherwise. I also acknowledge our employees, as we have a deeply rooted customer service model that is sacred to all of us here at Imagineering. That has made our customer relationships strong and longstanding.”

About Imagineering

Imagineering has over 25 years of experience in the PCB/contract manufacturing industry, with a customer list that includes technology leaders such as Whirlpool, Siemens, Motorola, Honeywell, and GE. The company is known for their same day prototype and aggressive quick-turn offering; and is proud to be one of the industry pioneers in having created a truly Web-based approach to the quoting and ordering of PCBs, components, and assembly globally. They were the first to offer full turn-key quotes online that include PCBs, components, and labor all at one place and all at one time. For additional information, call 847-806-0003 or e-mail