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Company B was in a bind. Their customer, a Department of Transportation, needed a full corridor of roadway sensors, and they needed them quickly.

However, the product usually takes up to 5 weeks to design and assemble. Delivery was in question, and Pete, the company’s vice president, knew they’d need a PCB manufacturer to turn around a product like this quickly while maintaining the high quality required for a government customer.

Company B chose Imagineering to pave the way through this sudden challenge.

See how Imagineering’s Quick-Turn Solution Paved the Way Out of A Sensor Bind in this Case Study

How Imagineering’s Quick-Turn Specialty Saved the Project

Imagineering is a specialist in quick-turn PCB production.

From design to prototyping, production to testing, Imagineering has the experience and skill to take PCB projects of any scale and turn them around quickly. We do this because we know there will be times when our clients are hit with unexpected requests, sudden production ramp-ups, and the need to hit the market ahead of the competition when a great idea strikes.

In Company B’s case, they needed to quickly deliver these sensors to a government customer to fulfill their contract.

Imagineering offered a quick-turn solution that led to the full production of the sensors, which usually takes five weeks in just one week. Company B had the project designed, produced, and installed in the roadways in just a week and a half.

A Great Working Relationship Led to Great Productivity

Working closely with our clients means delivering value and truly taking the time to listen and understand our customer’s needs.

During production, we invited Company B’s employees into our facility to learn how to produce their products. We took the time to learn the intricacies of their sensors and the important steps needed to get the product right.

We also took the time to show Company B some of our own production techniques.

Together, we worked to produce a final product that exceeded all expectations, and we did it quickly. This is the value of true collaboration, and it’s the reason Imagineering bases all of our client relationships on transparency and communication first and foremost.