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Since 2001, Company A has partnered with Imagineering for PCB production.

Starting as a small team of just 2 employees, they initially worked with Imagineering on small production volumes to meet their PCB needs.

Imagineering works with clients of all sizes—from large corporations needing thousands of units to small hobbyists interested in producing only a few boards at a time.

We cherish our relationship with every client because we know that the key to our growth is the satisfaction and trust of establishing a warm working relationship with other companies.

The best way to do this, in our experience, is to answer the call when challenges arise and prove we can deliver value to our customers in critical moments.

See How Imagineering utilized an existing relationship with a client to set the stage for their future growth in this case study

How a Small Business Suddenly Faced Big Demands

In 2016, thanks partly to their continuous work with Imagineering, Company A’s production needs suddenly ramped up.

A customer of theirs needed a high-volume production run of 20,000 units, and they needed it before Company A had time to build up their production facilities to meet that demand.

This sudden increase could have caught them unprepared, but Suzanne Company A’s purchasing manager, looked to Imagineering for assistance.

Imagineering’s Solution

As a company focused on building long-term relationships, we understand the importance of being able to deliver high-quality printed circuit boards even under high pressure and in difficult circumstances.

We do this by understanding the needs of our customers and offering custom solutions.

To solve Company A’s dilemma, Imagineering was able to offer access to our offshore production facility.

During this production run, Imagineering acted almost as an extension of Company A by working closely with designers to complete the production of the boards.

Thanks to our efficient processes and teams, production was completed on time. This allowed Company A to meet the sudden needs of their customer and ensure they delivered a high-quality product that could secure future business.

Imagineering’s Instrumental Role in Company A’s Growth

Thanks in part to their continuous work with Imagineering for 15 years, Company A has gone from two employees to twelve and now runs out of a 12,000 sq. ft. facility.

In business, there are often challenges that require the help of a trusted partner to overcome. Imagineering is proud to have been that partner for Company A in 2016, and to stand by their side for all that is to come.