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In the spring of 2017, the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries® conducted a “fast-facts” study to learn more about the skills gap as it affects U.S. electronics assembly manufacturers. 

They found that most companies are having a hard time recruiting qualified production workers, and an even harder time finding qualified engineers and other technical professionals. They found that many essential skills are in short supply. Those in greatest demand are: soldering for production jobs, and engineers with industry experience, especially in process, test and quality control.

  • General assembler and solderers are the most difficult to fill. 
  • Quality control, process and entry-level electrical engineers have been hardest to find. 
  • Insufficient experience is the most common reason that applicants do not qualify for most positions. 
  • Engineering and other technical professional positions, however, the leading reason jobs went unfilled was that there were no applicants at all.

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