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Printed circuit boards must meet rigorous standards in order to be used in the aerospace industry. High reliability, minimal maintenance, and in some cases high temperature PCB applications must be considered during the manufacturing process in order to ensure the greatest degree of safety. For this reason, the AS9100D certification was instated as the global aerospace manufacturing standard for products and services serving that industry, including:

  • Aircraft component and materials manufacturers
  • Aircraft part and assembly designers
  • Quality management organizations working alongside aerospace manufacturers
  • Related companies working alongside the aerospace industry.

AS9100D certification is not required by law – however, abiding by the standards set in the certification is universally considered to be a best practice among those in the industry, and puts those who hold it in a network with other certified manufacturers and designers. It ensures that those working with the certification work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality parts and the best results.

At Imagineering, we hold a variety of certifications, including both AS9100D and ISO9001. We understand that to be a leader in the printed circuit board manufacturing space, our customers’ needs always take top priority. In this blog, we explore what goes behind this certification, and how adhering to these standards provides value to companies seeking PCBs operating in every industry space.

What is the AS9100D Certification?

The AS9100D seeks to guide five core processes in the aerospace industry: quality management systems, management responsibilities, resource management, product realization, and measure of improvement. In doing so, it ensures not only a uniform compliance among different businesses, but quality that pilots, passengers, and the military can rely upon.

The certification process for AS9100 is extensive, requiring two on-site audits, numerous internal audits, and annual surveillance audits to ensure that the standards are kept in place. Part of this certification includes an array of measures that change from year to year to ensure continuous compliance. This means that as times change, we continue to operate at the highest degree.

The AS9100D certification includes additional measures that build upon previous iterations, including:

Product Safety – In order to be certified for AS9100D, product safety must take top priority in everything we build. This consideration follows the entire lifecycle of a PCB, as well as high-temperature applications when applicable.

Risk Based Thinking – To be a leader in strategic and operational planning, risk needs to be factored in to every product we make. Risk remains a top factor we consider with every PCB board that we design, and we take active steps to ensure that we remain compliant as rules around risk management continue to grow more stringent.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention – While counterfeit parts prevention has been included in earlier iterations of this certification, the latest certification includes additional clauses ensuring that fraudulent products are identified and removed to combat the growing threat in the industry.

Human Factors – When failures occur, human factors must be considered in quality assessment as part of a system of interactions between people and machines. Under the AS9100D certification, these failures are understood as part of a system failure, allowing organizations to continually improve all aspects of their process.

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Why We Commit to Our AS9100D Certification

At Imagineering, our AS9100D certification is part of our commitment to producing and providing the best printed circuit boards to businesses in the aerospace industry. The certification helps ensure that we are kept accountable to this mission.

Customer Satisfaction – When people look to PCB manufacturers, they are seeking high-quality products that get the job done. Imagineering’s state of the art production facilities design boards that meet class 3 standards. From simple prototypes to complete production runs, our printed circuit boards arrive on time, every time.

Reduced Costs – An AS9100D certification allows us with a regimen of continuous improvement to our operations. This ensures that we continue to offer the best prices and quality to our customers, with the credentials to back it up.

Proven Process – Our process is a science that we have honed – we offer same-day turnaround for prototyping and production in as little as seven days through a dynamic quoting and ordering system.

The aerospace industry requires printed circuit boards with little margin for error. When you’re looking for a partner in printed circuit boards, think Imagineering. Contact us today for more information about our services.