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Our Story, Mission & Innovation

Our Story

Welcome to Imagineering, Inc. on the web. Your most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards. Our quick turn PROTOTYPES are not just intended for testing and verification of designs. Every one of our boards meet IPC-A-600 F (Class2) standard, be it prototype or production. To us prototype also means ‘PER YOUR SPEC’ and delivered ON TIME. 

There are different quality class standards in the industry. Most commonly followed is class 1 & 2..

  • Class 1 is for General Electronic Products and for testing and verification of Designs.
  • Class 2 is for Dedicated Service Electronic Products such as communication equipment,sophisticated business machines, instruments where high performance and extended life is required and for which uninterrupted service is desired. 
  • Class 3 products are used in certain types of medical, aeronautics, and military applications for which uninterrupted and high reliability service is required.


Over the last 27 years our aggressive turnaround and pricing have become industry standards. Our commitment to our customers and constant awareness of high standards in service and quality has brought about a steady growth. Today, we can proudly say that our first customer is still with us. 

At Imagineering, Inc. we always give you Class 2 with a guarantee that our prototypes will meet your production specifications. 


Join The Revolution 

Now get Instant Online Turn Key quotes (hyperlink) for all your PCBA needs! Imagineering is the first in the industry to bring you this feature online. Gone are the times of having to wait days or even weeks to get PCB quotes. With our revolutionary system simple upload your BOM, define a few columns and you are on your way to receiving the fastest online turnkey quotes in the industry. We also allow you the ability to place your Turnkey orders online!

Now through the highly functional web site you can get instant Quote Order and Order Status .If this is your first visit to our web site, you may Register now to get instant quote on-line and take advantage of our Special on-line prices. 

Instant Overseas Production Quotes

Production Quote Order and Order Status on-line. Imagine High Quality and On Time Delivery at an Unbelievably Low Price. That’s what you get when we make boards overseas. No language barrier or customs hassle, you still deal with Imagineering, your trusted supplier and the delivery is door-to-door. 

Try our ‘Place your Bid’…another industry first by Imagineering, Inc. At times, due to market slowdown, we may want to entertain a reasonable offer from you. You never know when it might get accepted and become an order. This offer is strictly valid if paid by credit card.