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PCB Services - Full Turnkey, Consignment, Fabrication

Bare Boards, Components, and R.P.A.S. Assembly Labor, all under one roof. 

The equipment we use to assemble your boards are of the highest caliber and leaders in the market. Say goodbye to stencils, added cost and time of having them manufactured. Jetting of liquids is becoming the standard in our industry and we have a unique tool to jet solder paste.   This non-contact method of applying solder paste has a large number of advantages compared to standard screen printing or dispensing. Jetting technology allows the buildup of paste by single dots to achieve the right amount for each SMT pad.  Special applications like pin in paste, applying paste in cavities and many more challenges of today’s requirement can be easily accommodated. 

Combined with our state of the art pick and place the all-in-one machine that does more for your projects.  With a dual X drive system that combines high speed and high precision mount heads, advanced vision systems and a state-of-the-art linear drive motor technology, our state of the art P and P machine has the ability to place parts at a top speed of up to 40 000 components per hour. With 18 nozzles in total, we are capable of mounting a vast mix of component types, resulting in excellent throughput.

Finally our 8 zone reflow oven has the capability of handling various types of profiles that can match all of your components baking requirements. Many of our profiles are pre-loaded saving you time and money allowing you to get product to market faster and more cost effectively. 

We have taken one stop contract manufacturing to the next level by offering instant online quotes for Full Turnkey Projects! Try our instant online quotes by clicking the Get Quotes Button below.

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If you already have components for your project, simply send us your kit and we will get started on it immediately. We have a through inventory process that ensures all your parts have arrived before we start an assembly. Try our online quote engine for Consignment or Full Turnkey quotes.

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We offer Multi Layer, Rigid and Flex PCB’s. Got Metal? We also offer exotic substrates such as Aluminum Core PCB’s, Nelco, Arlon, and many others. Please contact us for a quote for Flex, Aluminum or any other exotic substrates you need.

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