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The Complex Technology of Semiconductor Lithography Has A Bright Outlook

What is semiconductor lithography? 

Semiconductor photolithography is a method of fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and microprocessors. It deftly transfers a circuit image to a silicon wafer by exposing both silicon wafer and photomask to ultraviolet light and then projects the circuit image on the wafer. 

Because electronic devices face a shorter replacement cycle, the market for this technology is likely to grow. The research firm Technavio estimates that the global semiconductor photolithography equipment market is expected to grow to $8.19 billion by 2021 with an annual growth rate of 9%.

Technavio believes the shorter replacement cycles for electronic devices are a key factor driving the market growth.

For any stakeholder in the printed electronics market, the rise of this technology may mean better and more capable products in the future.


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