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I just wanted to thank you for the excellent workmanship on the board I ordered (invoice 209868). I sent the files to company A, my first choice, but they said they couldn't manufacture it. I then sent them to company B, but they wanted four times the price of company A! I'm sure glad I found you. Your prices were lower than company A. You deliver faster, and workmanship is excellent. Thanks.

Jay Stewart


I wasn't expecting the boards before Monday. Thanks for this really fast

Best regards,

Toni Poeltl, Dr.techn.
Development Leader,
Senior Design Engineer


Thanks so much! I'll call in with a CC number in a little while.
Imagineering is the best!

John Anderson
Owner / President


I just want to let you what great customer service we feel we have been getting from Imagineering, especially since you have become our sales rep. We feel that you have been really looking out for us and making sure we get superior service, speed of delivery and great pricing. Every time we set up an order with you we feel that you place our needs first!
This kind of fantastic service guarantees that we will continue to do business with you and recommend you to any of our manufacturing partners.

Brian Gerk
V.P. Operations


Good morning!

First I'd like to thank you once again for accepting a revision a whole
day after I submitted the board design. Your flexibility is really, reallyappreciated. We have three more boards that will be coming your way in the
next two weeks. So thanks again!

The second reason for writing is to see if we could save a day on the
project by having the boards delivered directly to our assembly house,
rather than having them shipped (we chose FedEx overnight) to our place, and
then driven over to the fab people.

James A van Zee
Senior Engineer


WE RECEIVED THE BOARDS. Very nice. Quick and excellent service.

Jack Goldberg
Design Engineer


Thanks for all the help. The parts arrived in time and the show was a big success!
Thanks again,

Bob Novak
Electronic Design Engineer


The CA3_MAIN boards arrived this afternoon and they are Just Beautiful

! Thank You!

We've got four more boards to make for this project, so we'll be
sending you some more sets of Gerber files Real Soon Now. (Sorry to be a
bit vague on the timing - it seems to take forever get a board 'finalized'!)

Thanks again to everyone at Imagineering!

Jim Van Zee
Senior Engineer


I've been meaning to drop a quick Enote to thank you for the terrific job you 'have done on each and every one of the PC Boards I've had built at your shop. As a result, the three products now under development are pretty well complete. In a short time we'll be looking into pricing on beta run quantities for each. (between 100 and 1000 or so). Just wanted to let you know that when the time comes, you'll be the first one I'll contact.
Thanks again ( and pass the kudos along to the rest of your staff) for a great job.

Best Regards,

Jim Romano
Electrical Engineer
Electronic Design & Development


I just received my “First Time Customer” prototype boards today. I had initial reservations about having prototypes fabricated offshore. I have to be honest, the price was something that caught my eye and figured that if the boards where unacceptable, all I really would loose is time and gain a lesson.

What a pleasant surprise when I opened the package. The boards are beautiful, or beautiful to an engineer’s eyes. All the holes are perfectly centered on the pads. The boards are dead flat and even the silkscreen is crisp. To look at the boards I would have never guessed that they where fabricated offshore.

The boards showed up on time. Having an order show up on the date quoted is nice especially when you are use to lead times on most materials.

I look forward to placing production runs with Imagineering Inc. after we validate the prototype.

Thank you a job well done!

Claude Frenette